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CIFF 2016

Twin mini-luchadores Little Death (Juan Francisco Longoria) and Little AK (Guillermo López) are sidekicks to their regular lucha wrestler counterparts, Death and AK. Society has not been kind to the twins, but their wrestling identity has given them a sense of belief; because of this, they never remove their wrestling masks, not even for their families or when making love. The brothers’ wrestling fame allows them to earn money, which they spend liberally on drinking and prostitutes. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they encounter Adela and Dora, two prostitutes who have family problems of their own and are struggling to make ends meet.

Shot in stunning black and white, BLEAK STREET takes the viewer on a wild ride through an unforgiving world. Famed Mexican director Arturo Ripstein demonstrates his 50-year filmmaking craft in all its glory, evoking Luis Buñuel’s Mexican cinema as he peppers the film with plenty of dark humour and emotions.

Cast: Guillermo López, Juan Francisco Longoria, Sylvia Pasquel, Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Nora Velázquez, Arcelia Ramírez, Erando González, Paola Arroyo, Alejandro Suárez, Alberto Estrella, Emoé De La Parra, Greta Cervantes, Eligio Meléndez, Lety Góme
AWARDS: Gijón International Film Festival, Best Director and Best Production Design
Sunday September 25, 11:00 AM AT CINEPLEX EAU CLAIRE 4  ** Draw available only for this day **
Monday September 26, 9:30 PM AT CINEPLEX EAU CLAIRE 4
De madrugada, dos prostitutas de mediana edad vuelven a sus cuchitriles. No están cansadas de trabajar. Están cansadas de no hacerlo. Una tiene problemas con una hija adolescente y un marido travesti. La otra tiene que enfrentare a la soledad. Pero esa noche van a ir a celebrar la victoria en el ring de dos luchadores enanos. En el hotel, para desvaliar a los hombres, los narcotizan con gotas oftalmológicas. Pero están tan asustadas y confusas que cometen toda clase de errores.
Dirección: Arturo Ripstein
Guión: Paz Alicia Garciadiego
Elenco: Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Nora Velázquez, Silvia Pasquel, Arcelia Ramírez, Alejandro Suárez, Emoé de la Parra, Greta Cervantes, Alberto Estrella, Eligio Meléndez
Domingo 25 de septiembre, 11:00 am – Cineplex Eau Claire 4  ** Rifa disponible solo para este día **
Lunes 26 de septiembre, 9:30 am  – Cineplex Eau Claire 4
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