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Life projects are the plans we make to achieve personal goals in all areas of our life. Set goals and purposeful activities will help us focus our life with who we are and our core values. For this reason, it is very important to establish what the priorities of our lives are and what give meaning to everything that we do. A life project without values ​​is a project pointless.


Los proyectos de vida son los planes que hacemos para lograr objetivos personales en todas las áreas de nuestra vida. Plantearse objetivos y actividades con propósito nos ayudara a enfocar nuestra vida con quien somos y nuestros valores. Por esta razón es muy importante establecer cuáles son las prioridades de nuestra vida y conocer que le dan sentido a todo lo que hacemos. Un proyecto de vida sin valores es un proyecto sin sentido.


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Patricia Cruz

Patricia P. Cruz is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with more than 13 years or experience in counselling, education, corporate training and development. Master of Counselling from the University of Calgary (Jun 2016). Specialization in Teaching Post Secondary Education and Community Leadership Diploma. Over 8 years of experience working with Immigrants and people with disabilities.

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