Mateo Manaure: one of the great Latin-American plastic artists of the 20th Century.


The Venezuelan plastic artist Mateo Manaure died on March 19, 2018 at the age of 91. However, we know that artists like him never die in our memories. Manaure has greatly impacted Venezuelan contemporary art, being one of the most important Venezuelan artists of the 20th century. He was the winner of the first National Prize of Plastic Arts in 1947 and was in charge of the first exhibition of abstract art in Venezuela. He was president of the Venezuelan Association of Plastic Artists and there is a museum that was given his name: The Museum of Contemporary…

Chuck Berry: 1926 – 2017


Chuck Berry, the singer-songwriter and guitarist who was one of the pioneers of rock ‘n’ roll, died Saturday, March 18, 2017. He was 90. Berry was found unresponsive on Saturday afternoon in St. Charles County, Missouri. Born Oct. 18, 1926, Berry wrote and performed some of the great classics of the early rock ‘n’ roll era – “Johnny B. Goode,” “Maybellene,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” “Rock and Roll Music,” “Sweet Little Sixteen” and many more. In 1953, he began performing with Johnnie Johnson, who would become Berry’s frequent collaborator. Berry got a kick out of experimenting with combining the blues he regularly…